Frequently asked questions

Where do I place my Mason Bee condominium?

The Mason Bee enjoys early morning sun and we recommend that you place your Condo in a location that is:

  1. facing South-East if possible though anywhere where will receive sunshine throughout the day is good
  2. Place the Condo between 4-6 feet above the ground
  3. Place the Condo in alocation tah reduces the amount of rain it will receive, under an eave or under a branch etc. Mason Bees fo not like the rain entering the holes
  4. A sheltered location is optimal, a place that has low wind and rain but maximum sun
  5. Do not place on a branch or pole that rocks in th wind, they will not return to this site if it is rocking
Above all, do not worry unnesciarilly about where you place the Condomnium, reach out to the forum on this site or to the Long Live Bees team who will offer advice and reassurance on your setup

When do I put my Mason bees onto the Condiminimum?

The optimal time to place your bees on the Condimimimum is:

  1. Towards the end of March and into April, when...
  2. You have 'at least' 25% of the trees and flowers flowering, the Bees will need pollen to survive
  3. It is not raining or overly windy
  4. A sunny day to enable the bees the opportunity to relaise summer is here
If the flowers are not showing by mid April it is extremely important that you check your bees in their container on a DAILY basis, they may hatch in the box and need putting out regardless of the weather.

How do I put my Bees out on my Condo

Your Mason Bees will be delivered in a small box for you to take care off until the correct time to place them out at the beginning of the season. When placing the bees ut you will need to open the little tab on the box and place the lid back on. Secure the box with an elastic band, check the elastic band periodically as they tend to weaken in the sun. Be sure to replace when needed.