The Long Live Bees Mason Bee Condo was designed after a lot of thought and trial and error taking into consideration the needs of the bees throughout the complete season. It is designed to be used for many years and to ensure the safety of your mason bees as your population grows.

The condominium is manufactured on Vancouver Island and has removable trays enabling thorough cleaning of the house at the appropriate time of the year.  The house is built to survive rain and sun on Vancouver Island and  west coast of Canada and the United States. 

Mason Bees like precision and prefer to make their homes in a hole measuring 5/16 ths of an inch. Our condos are made to their exact specifications and provide them with a perfect home in which to lay their eggs. Designed to be used without the need for straws, the removable trays ensure that harvesting and cleaning of the cocoons can be done with minimal fuss and optimum hygiene.  

Our condos are available for sale singly and in kit form, each kit includes everything you need to look after your Mason bees and ensure their success in your garden, and includes the following:

  • Mason Bee Condo

  • Mason Bees

  • Condo protection net

  • Sample flower seeds

  • Access to our members-only forums

  • eCopy of our ebook in PDF

  • Full online support and education throughout the year

This 'Condo kit' is great for beginners to keeping mason bees as it is supported by weekly emails from our team advising exactly what to do and when to do it at at various key times of the year. We provide advice, guidance and education on all aspects of keeping mason bees  plus information on other types of bees and pollinators. This, together with access to the online forum and the ebook you will never miss the opportunity to do the best by your bees and have a lot of fun in the process.

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